Official Checks

MICR DPS2+ Official Checks - software automates the bank’s official check production. Customer service improves dramatically — a completed check in one minute or less using a blank form!  User-configurable check options are available - cashier check, personal money orders, etc.  Security is built-in, and check logs are automatic.  Customers love the quick professional service!

What about Security? — It is the ideal system to produce these sensitive financial documents.  The system is restricted by personal passwords for each user by check type and “high dollar” amount.  Check log reports show all details (date, operator, remitter, payee, dollar amount, and payment method). This greatly facilitates research and audit functions. With paper stock having no MICR encoding until the check is printed there is no need to store “live checks” in the vault.

Standard official check stock includes a number of security features – Border Copy Warning, Copy VOID Pantograph, Micro-printing, Full Solvent Reactive Color Spotting, Multi-language Chemical VOID, Artificial Watermark, and Invisible Starlight tm Fibers – to prevent photocopy forgeries and counterfeiting.

What does it mean? — Quick service!! –TIME IS MONEY to CPAs, lawyers, corporate executives, physicians, realtors, auto and equipment dealers, accountants, and independent business owners.  They hate being nickel-and-dimed more than any other group — in either time or money!

When, on the other hand, you provide the immediate service of MICR DPS2+ Official Checks some really good things happen.  You send the message — “We really do provide high quality service.” And, you have added invaluable “customer glue” to a relationship and your customer feels special — very special.  (They just do not get this service at other banks.)

How does it work? — Fill in the remitter, payee and numeric dollar amount fields, and key in the memo line. The software does the rest — date, alpha dollar line, your corporate logo, company name and address, and 1 or 2 signature lines.  A MICR toner cartridge in the laser printer precisely encodes each check.


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