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In 2016 "Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Just Outrageous !
It’s absolutely criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges commercial business accounts.
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15years MICR Prime's suite of referenced products have a 15-year history of success in the financial industry. These simple desk top MICR Document Printing and Binding systems eliminate the expense and delivery delays of out-sourced vendor services.


DebitCard vs CheckUser Transaction


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Electronic payment methods are all the rage. However, the most affluent account holders are CHECK USERS -- up scale high balance and commercial accounts. They love being pampered and appreciate the added value of immediate service. When your brand identity caters to this valuable clientele it translates to: Executive
  • More Fee Income from Quality Customers
  • Larger Loans with Less Risk
  • Bigger Deposits and More Profit

MICR Prime systems reclaim the "pass-through" money drain now going to off-site vendors. And, it is substantial; here in the US it is 5 to 8 times in-house production costs!  When your staff has the ability to catch errors before they become complaints you: 1) completely eliminate $50 rush order charges for "do-overs" and, 2) you maintain your hard earned reputation for quality service. Existing staff does production and you already have the necessary equipment. It really is just that simple!

MICR Prime's simple DIY solutions positively impact asset/loan ratio requirements through increased fee income and lower operating expense.You might be surprised at how much can be saved -- and reclaimed.Take last month's invoice for vendor sourced services and divide the total amount by your average loan interest rate.That final figure is the equivalent at risk loan amount it takes to generate enough interest income to off set the luxury of out sourcing. The MICR Prime systems bring that money back to you.

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Who  we  are...
Starting in 2000, and based in Colorado Springs, CO, MICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI) has evolved from a small print services brokerage business into an agile supplier of consumable supplies, desk top MICR document production software, and the innovative Checks In-house Production System (ChIPS®) to financial institutions across the US. We have offices in Colorado, Utah, and California.

ChIPSnobkgndWhat  we  do...

 MPSI supplies, supports and services regional and community banks, S&L's, credit unions, and non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs).


  • Coupons - a convenient cost effective way to produce loan payment coupon books on existing laser printers.
  • Checks – on demand production for new account temporary checks and emergency replacements.
  • Official Checks - the fully secured software automates official check production.
  • Forms - Club and Passbook Savings, Internal Transaction documents, and Advice Notices
  • Packaging - economy vinyl or upgrade leather check book covers, wallets and business check binders.


...and can  do for  YOU!

MPSI can provide your financial institution with our MICR Document Production System Version 2+ (DPS2+) that operates in any Windows environment.  It is a time-tested state-of-the-art “referenced product” specifically tailored for the Banking, S&L, Leasing, and Credit Union markets. Clients most often opt for the full package but can select individual modules from the 4-module program (Coupons, QuickChecks, Official Checks, and Forms) to suit their particular requirements.

            • Quick customer service
            • Tighter security
            • Enhanced marketing initiatives
            • Improved staff efficiency

MPSI’s newest addition is the on-demand Checks In-house Production System; we call it ChIPS®. This breakthrough check printing/binding solution produces finished check orders in minutes. Customers love the service. Pass-through check service vendor revenue comes back to your bottom line…where it belongs. ChIPS® can operate from a central office but is affordable enough for every branch location. Best of all, existing staff does production – no new hires. (Watch the ChIPS® Operations Management Video.)

The ChIPS® system is undergoing commercial test in an SMB pilot program for the state of Colorado. When completed the system will be released to the market as a second generation version incorporating new mechanical and software enhancements. The target date for a national roll out is the 4th quarter of 2012.

Executive Overview
Company History:
coloradospringsMICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI) started out as "Computer Forms" brokering print services in the Colorado Springs, CO area during the ‘90’s.   While exploring the market for unique products and services, an MS-DOS based MICR document production software solution became available for distribution.   Following early sales successes, it became apparent that the product had more potential than what was first envisioned -- and, timing for it's introduction was perfect. The word spread unbelievably; in one 2-day period 70 phone calls came in requesting information.

Print brokering activities immediately took a back seat and full attention given to fleshing out the MICR Document software solution.  Eventually a Windows version was released and in 2000 the owners purchased the assets of the company that produced the product and renamed it the MICR Document Production System Version 2+ (MICR DPS2+).

MICR Document Production:
DPS2+ has a 10 year history of acceptance with community banks and Credit Unions as a “referenced product”. Its modular construction allows a banker to select the piece(s) that meet their specific requirements.
  • Plusbooks – loan coupons
  • QuickChecks – new accounts, emergency replacements (personal & business size)
  • Official Checks – Cashier checks, money orders, & two user-configurable options
  • Forms – Passbook & Club Savings coupons, internal transaction teller slips, & advice notices.

In-house ChIPS no backgroundCheck Production:
ChIPS® (the Checks In House Production System) is MPSI’s latest development. It is a turn key solution consisting of the company’s proprietary check creation software, a laser printer, laptop computer, 10-key pad, specialized toner cartridges, paper stock, and the patented MPM6000 Check Binder. An optional mobile custom workstation is available.  
software1ChIPS® dramatically improves a financial institution’s bottom line profitability, helps them achieve a distinct marketing advantage over their competitors, operates at a fraction of the cost of the competition, is affordable for every branch office, and requires no additional staffing.
ChIPS® empowers existing staff to fulfill a client's retail or commercial check order on the spot . ChIPS® eliminates the delivery delays incurred with off-site check service providers -- and your staff will catch errors before they become complaints.  Other benefits are:
          • A new income stream from what previously was pass-through revenue
          • An improved brand identity for quality service
          • A marketing tool to attract high balance depositors & commercial accounts.

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About US

Below are summaries of information about MICR Prime Services, Inc. For more detailed pages and descriptions, click the "Learn More" buttons...

Executive Overview
MICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI) is an outgrowth of Computer Forms that brokered printing services during the ‘90’s to various learnMorebusinesses in the Colorado Springs, CO vicinity. While exploring the market for a unique product offering, the MICR document production software (MS DOS version) became available for distribution. Following some early sales successes, encouragement [...]


Management & Advisors
learnMoreJames C. Romig – Executive Vice President & Chairman of the Board Jim is the inventor of the patented MPM6000 Check Binder, the key component of ChIPS® From 1985 through 1990 Jim was a sales representative for EG&G in S. California selling high tech glass scale positioning and quality measurement systems to the aerospace and [...]



learnMore The Computer Solution Company (TCSC) -- David Romig, is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of TCSC, which began in 1981. His firm is an industry leader in design, development and implementation of productivity-enhancing business solutions. TCSC is  the recipient of two of only [...]



learnMore MICR Prime Services’ clientele is the financial services industry – Community Banks, Credit Unions, Leasing companies, and Savings & Loan Institutions. Some 300 customers with more than 600 branch offices in 26 states and 2 foreign countries have successfully used the company’s products. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements and to [...]



learnMore “I have been the Manager of Information Systems for two different banks here in Colorado over a span of about eight years. I have personally implemented the MICR Prime Services’ system for both of them and am now doing it for a third.” “There is absolutely no question as to the quality of the product [...]



Employment / Careers
learnMore MICR Prime Services promotes a diverse workforce and provides equal opportunity to all candidates on the basis of demonstrated ability, experience, training, and potential. It is the company’s policy to select qualified candidates without prejudice and to comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding selection and hiring. To learn more about [...]



Board Of Directors
learnMore BOD Overview: The seven member Board of Directors overseeing MICR Prime Services is a diverse and experienced team. It reflects hundreds of years of experience covering all disciplines, including those most valuable to the company. A brief biography of each member and their respective committee assignment follows: George M. Cross Member BOD, Member Succession [...]




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"Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Outrageous...
...and nearly criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges business accounts. Unbelievable!
Introducing "OFFICIAL CHECKS: Commercial Edition"
Produce BUSINESS VOUCHER CHECKS for those most important account holders -- on site and on demand. Protect them from over-the-top prices, build your "brand" for quality service, and create a NEW FEE INCOME revenue stream -- with zero loan risk. Click the link to see the details.
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