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In 2016 "Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Just Outrageous !
It’s absolutely criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges commercial business accounts.
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Service & Support

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learnMoreQuality & Safety
MICR Prime subscribes in principal to the philosophy of the International Standards Organization certification program (ISO 9002). The products and systems are generally designed, developed, assembled, and tested in compliance with ISO standards for quality and reliability.

learnMoreVendor Risk Guarantee
In the unlikely event of the company's insolvency, be it known that MPSI officers will provide complete vendor contact information to all customers to enable the continued operation of our systems, including: ChIPS® System hardware Computer System Laser Printer MDS2+, Check Software, etc.

Quality & Safety



ISO• ISO (International Standards Organization) * 
MICR Prime subscribes to the philosophy of the International Standards Organization (ISO 9002) certification program in principal. Our products are generally designed, developed assembled, and tested in compliance with its requirements. We have utilized such qualifications throughout all of our products from concept through launch.
ANSI• ANSI (American National Standards Institute)*
MICR Prime also subscribes to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI X9.7) regarding check printing and production through our printing supplier and with software driven check printing.
UL• UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)*
In the MICR Prime ChIPS® system, the company utilizes an unregulated power management system similar to that used with laptop computers, and is not required to certify with this safety agency. It is fully compliant with industry safety standards for like devices.

*The Trademarks listed above belong to the respective organizations and not to MICR Prime Services, Inc.


Vendor Risk Guarantee

MICR Prime Services Vendor Risk Guarantee
In the unlikely event of the insolvency of MICR Prime Services Inc., be it known that the company officers will provide complete vendor contact information to enable its clients to successfully continue operating the systems. This would include:
                • ChIPS® System hardware
                • Computer System
                • Laser Printer
                • MICR DPS2+ software and ChIPS® Check Creation Software
                • All check & form supplies
                • The patented CheckMate backer card
                • Laser printer toner cartridges
                • All spare parts, accessories, and attachments
                • Equipment service contact details

MPSI customers may rest assured that the highest business ethics and moral principles guide all our activities!




ChIPS® Profit Calculator 

Using the ChIPS® Profit Calculator you will be able to quickly estimate the revenue and profits that can be achieved by producing just a small number of check orders per month in your facility using a ChIPS® or check:r System -- versus outsourcing to a third party check service provider. Here are the benefits.
  1. What was once "pass through" revenue now becomes "bottom-line" profits.
  2. Lower expenses means more $$$ stays in core deposits.
  3. Asset ratio compliance requirements are more easily achieved.
To see what is possible enter the estimated number of accounts you have and your selling prices. Production costs are included. This is the underlying formuls used to do the calculations. Results will appear in a summary screen along with the equivalent loan amount it would take to achieve the same profitability in interest income. 
Video Introduction:
For a quick introduction to the ChIPS® Profit Calculator watch the video introduction.

Profit Calculator:

To Access the Profit Calculator, Please provide your Name and Email Address, (so we can help you if you have any questions).
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Pro Forma Example
This pro forma is for a small Colorado bank, chartered in 1965, $97,300,000 in assets, and 2,872 check orders last year (retail only). ChIPS® reclaims all the revenue on the 745 commercial check orders. With customers ordering once a year the bank captures over $96,000 in what once was “pass through” revenue and realizes nearly $55,000 in annual bottom line bank profit. To equal this in interest income would require putting $1,660,000 at risk in 12 month 6% commercial loans.


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"Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Outrageous...
...and nearly criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges business accounts. Unbelievable!
Introducing "OFFICIAL CHECKS: Commercial Edition"
Produce BUSINESS VOUCHER CHECKS for those most important account holders -- on site and on demand. Protect them from over-the-top prices, build your "brand" for quality service, and create a NEW FEE INCOME revenue stream -- with zero loan risk. Click the link to see the details.
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