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In 2016 "Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Just Outrageous !
It’s absolutely criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges commercial business accounts.
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Preliminary Pro Forma Sample Letter:

Here is a preliminary pro forma letter for a client bank in California.  Click on the Letter Thumbnail image to load a full-sized PDF file version for viewing. Right-click with your mouse to download.
Ops Lady Soft Edges proFormaLetter


Press Graphics
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Industry Links

btn Bank Technology News
Bank Technology News, the industry's source of technology coverage, provides critical information and analysis on the relationship between banking strategy and technology execution at financial institutions.
ICBALogo Independent Community Bankers Association
The Independent Community Bankers of America®, the nation’s voice for more than 7,000 community banks of all sizes and charter types, is dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of the community banking industry and its membership through effective advocacy, best-in-class education and high-quality products and services.
cbalogo The Colorado Bankers Association The Colorado Bankers Association represents over 90% of the $100 billion in assets within the 185+ banks operating in Colorado. On behalf of the 23,000 men and women who work within a regulated, traditional Colorado bank, CBA works with government to continually improve the banking industry in this rapidly changing environment.
CUNAlogo Credit Union National Association CUNA (Credit Union National Association), based in Washington, D.C., and Madison, Wisconsin, is the premier national trade association serving America's credit unions. The not-for-profit trade group is governed by volunteer directors who are elected by their credit union peers.
CallahanLogo1 Callahan Associates
Callahan & Associates has been providing analytics, leading-edge insight, and leadership to credit union industry decision-makers for over 25 years.
Callahan delivers in-depth analysis into each quarter of credit union data through analytics software.
NCUA National Credit Union Administration The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the independent federal agency that regulates, charters and supervises federal credit unions. NCUA operates and manages the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), insuring the deposits of nearly 92 million account holders in all federal credit unions and the overwhelming majority of state-chartered credit unions.

Marketing Toolkit

These media and promotional resources are exclusively available to you as a MICR Prime client. We've done the drafting for you, but, please, feel free to download and edit any item to meet your specific requirements. We simply ask that you email us as to when and where they were used along with any suggestions for improvement.

The resources are designed to assist your marketing department in promoting the instant customer service capabiliies that the MPSI systems make available to existing and prospective new clients.

            • Marketing Letters -- use them as promotional flyers and mailings.
            • Radio Commercials -- attract new retail clients, commercial accounts, and upscale high-balance depositors.
            • Downloadable Print Media Ads -- newspapers, statement stuffers, signage, and lobby brochures.

Marketing Letters
Preview the letters directly on the web or download them to your computer for local use. 
Windows Mouse: Left-Click to View & Right-Click to Save  
Mac Mouse: Click to View, and Control Key+Click to Save
These letters (TXT Files) for existing customers can help expand the number of services your customers use. Use them as cut/paste insertions for formal mailings, statement stuffers, lobby brochures, print media text, etc.

 letterIconOverdraft Letter - Encourages customer to use overdraft protection -- opportunities and benefits.
 letterIconPreferred Service Letter - Informs upscale customers of special services.
 letterIconFinal Loan Payment Letter - Thank you letter.
 letterIconMaster Charge Letter - Christmas charge account recruiting letter.
 letterIconSavings Deposit Letter - Explains checking-to-savings transfers and accompanying benefits.

Radio Commercials:
You can use this radio spot resource in a couple of different ways:
                  • RECORD YOUR OWN RADIO SPOT using the text. Your local station will be glad to assist
                    in customizing it for your organization.
                  • USE "AS IS" -- download an audio file (MP3 format) and get the station's herlp - same as abovve.
Again, We simply ask that you email us regarding when and where the commercial was used.
Play Audio Recordings:
Click the green "PLAY" button next to each radio spot.

Download Audio Recordings:
Right click on the "DOWNLOAD AUDIO" Icon.

Select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Firefox) from the pop-up menu.
Mac: Click to View, and Control Key+Click to Save.  Save to a sub-directory or folder on your computer
New Checking Account:
"The following is a special customer service announcement:  If you need to open a new checking account, listen closely.  This is a brand new idea.  You can have your own, personalized checks as soon as you open the account.  That's right!  Forget those blank counter checks that nobody will take.  You can have checks with your name and address already on them that can be used immediately!  And businesses will gladly accept them today!  Come in to open your account.  You'll be impressed."
Male Voice:  
downloadaudio Female Voice:   downloadaudio
Mr. Business Man:
"The following is a special customer service announcement:  Mr. Business Man, you may want to re-think where you bank.  When you accidentally run out of checks can you get emergency checks with your company name and address on them?  Instantly?  On the spot?  We can do it, using our most recent electronic systems package.  Come in to find out for yourself how we have changed the meaning of customer service for business banking."
Male Voice:  downloadaudio Female Voice:   downloadaudio
New Business Owner:
"The following is a special customer service announcement:  New Business Owner, when you need to open your checking account, call us first.  You can have business checks that look like business checks with your company name and address printed on them as soon as your account is open.  In about two minutes.  Let us show you how we've changed customer service for business banking."
Male Voice:  downloadaudio Female Voice:   downloadaudio
Kids Club:
"The following is a special customer service announcement:  Hey mom and dad!  Teach the kids those practical lessons of money management with our new kids club savings account program.  Kids club members get their very own personalized coupon payment book to remind them about their monthly obligation.  They learn the discipline of savings and they see their money GROW!  And they feel great when they can brag, "I saved up!  I bought it with my own money!"  Come in today to hear all about kids club!"
Youth Voice:  downloadaudio
Home Equity Credit Line:
"The following is a special customer service announcement:  Now when you open a home equity credit line with us, you can have a separate checking account that will help you keep track of the money.  We print the checks for you right on the spot complete with your name and address.  And you can use them immediately!  Give us a chance to show you what customer service really should be."
Male Voice:    downloadaudio
Money Market Account:
"The following is a special customer service announcement:  Money market account holders, you can now have real checks with all the information already printed on them.  Name, address, account number, check number, everything!  No more mistakes from having to fill in the blanks.  And listen to this:  Anyone who opens a money market account gets 36 customized checks for free.  As soon as the account is open.  No waiting for the order to come in the mail.  Come on in to see how we have rewritten the book on customer service."
Male Voice:   downloadaudio

Promotional Ads:
These are downloadable print media ads for newspapers, statement stuffers, promotional flyers, brochures, and lobby signage. Just let us know when and where you use them -- and how we can make them better.
Local print shops porefer an Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
If you do not have it use click this ADOBE READER button to get a FREE download.
get adobe reader


Do NOT download the picture of the ad. Just click on the picture and a PDF file will open.
acrobatBank Institution Advertisement
acrobatCredit Union Advertisement

For questions regarding special permissions, call MPSI at 1-800-229-0597 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MSColorHeadShot3smMike Schmidt - Chairman / Business Development Director
Mr. Schmidt is a Strategic Business Development and Tactical Marketing and Sales Professional / Entrepreneur with integrated skills in new company formation, technology adaptation and go-to-market sales and distribution channel development.  With a career spanning over 30 years of international start-up company experience in numerous technology industries and management-level consulting engagements with a wide variety of clients. 
Mr. Schmidt’s management experience includes; management of company profit centers, project teams, forecasting, budgeting, and start-up of companies and ISP’s and wireless broadband companies in the US, UK, and Asia.  Comfortable with new start-up companies and product/service offerings, Mr. Schmidt has traveled extensively both domestically and internationally in the USA, Canada, Central and Latin America, UK, (Wales, Ireland, Scotland), Europe, Central and Latin America, Asia, and South Africa.   Mr. Schmidt is a Colorado Springs native and the CEO of Ensemble Ventures, LLC which is a business development "Venture Ventilator".
Mike is married with two children and lives in Colorado Springs, CO.


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"Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Outrageous...
...and nearly criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges business accounts. Unbelievable!
Introducing "OFFICIAL CHECKS: Commercial Edition"
Produce BUSINESS VOUCHER CHECKS for those most important account holders -- on site and on demand. Protect them from over-the-top prices, build your "brand" for quality service, and create a NEW FEE INCOME revenue stream -- with zero loan risk. Click the link to see the details.
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