Executive Overview
coloradospringsMICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI)
MPSI started out as "Computer Forms" brokering print services in the Colorado Springs, CO area during the ‘90’s.   While exploring the market for unique products and services, an MS-DOS based MICR document production software solution became available for distribution.   Following early sales successes, it became apparent that the product had more potential than what was first envisioned -- and, timing for it's introduction was perfect. The word spread quickly after Deluxe dropped their loan coupon service. In one 2-day period 70 phone calls came in requesting information.

Print brokering activities immediately took a back seat and full attention given to fleshing out the MICR Document software solution.  Eventually a Windows version was released and in 2000 the owners purchased the assets of the company that produced the product and renamed it the MICR Document Production System Version 2+.

MICR Document Production System Software (DPS2+)
DPS2+ has a 20+ year history of acceptance with community banks, credit unions (CU), and leasing companies across the US and a 10 year history of success with Eastern Caribbean credit unions. It is a “referenced product” with a modular construction that allows a banker to select the specific piece(s) that meet their requirements.
  • PlusBooks – loan coupons
  • QuickChecks – short order permanent checks, new accounts, emergency replacements (personal & business size)
  • Official Checks – Cashier checks, money orders, 3 user-configurable options, & 22 accounting system compatible business voucher checks
  • Forms – Passbook & Club Savings coupons, internal transaction teller slips, & advice notices.

Decentralized Check:R Check Production System

Check:R is an adaptation of the DPS2+ QuickChecks software module.
You actually fill check orders – versus being limited to a temporary check function. It still can do temps, but why? Once you think about it temp checks, whether fill-in-the-blank generic counter checks or even QuickChecks personalized, both are only a cover for Deluxe, Harland Clarke or any other check service vendor’s (CSV) unavoidable postal delivery delays. Besides that, CSVs are stuck with a high-volume commercial printing business model that no longer matches the fewer-checks usage market. That's the reason for the high prices - small quantity set-up on high volume equipment doesn't compute.

Check:R is a Service Breakthrough for Local Banks...
...so much so that bankers think it is impossible. A process that usually takes all the infrastructure, investment, real estate, equipment, and personnel of any CSV contract commercial printer is effectively reduced to an office sized laser printer and a  manual stapler by simply switching binding from long edge to short edge. So simple – just change to short edge binding. But there is more! Production is in each branch, on demand, uses legacy laser printers and a manual stapler, no new hires, and it is cheap – not inexpensive but downright cheap!

Check:R obsoletes temp checks and dramatically improves bottom line  profitability......first by stopping the bleeding of out-sourced CSV pass-through revenue. Check users (usually the more upscale and commercial depositors) now have a reason to visit their local branch to pick up their finished check order or extra deposit slips. And it helps achieve a distinct marketing advantage over competitors, operates at a fraction of the cost of all other on-site systems, and is affordable, most likely achieving an ROI within the first 3 months of operation. 

The Check:R System uses a manual stapler for checkbook binding. It is exceedingly simple and so user friendly that even the newest staff member will feel confident in their ability to fulfill a client's retail or commercial check order on the spot -- and catch errors before they become complaints.  Other benefits are:

  • A new income stream from what previously was pass-through revenue.
  • An improved brand identity for quality service
  • A marketing tool to attract high balance depositors & commercial accounts.

Centralized ChIPS® In-house Check Production

The Bak:R card was a core component of  the centralized ChIPS® (Checks In-house Production System) patent. That single component, the Bak:R card, combined with the company’s MICR Document Production System (DPS2+) QuickChecks module makes up the flexible Check:R System solution. that addresses the current “fewer-checks-used” market reality. Worldwide, MICR Prime is the only company that has made that adjustment.



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