Executive Overview
Company History:
coloradospringsMICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI)
MPSI started out as "Computer Forms" brokering print services in the Colorado Springs, CO area during the ‘90’s.   While exploring the market for unique products and services, an MS-DOS based MICR document production software solution became available for distribution.   Following early sales successes, it became apparent that the product had more potential than what was first envisioned -- and, timing for it's introduction was perfect. The word spread unbelievably; in one 2-day period 70 phone calls came in requesting information.

Print brokering activities immediately took a back seat and full attention given to fleshing out the MICR Document software solution.  Eventually a Windows version was released and in 2000 the owners purchased the assets of the company that produced the product and renamed it the MICR Document Production System Version 2+ (MICR DPS2+).

MICR Document Production:
DPS2+ has a 20+ year history of acceptance with community banks and Credit Unions as a “referenced product”. Its modular construction allows a banker to select the piece(s) that meet their specific requirements.
  • Plusbooks – loan coupons
  • QuickChecks – new accounts, emergency replacements (personal & business size)
  • Official Checks – Cashier checks, money orders, & two user-configurable options
  • Forms – Passbook & Club Savings coupons, internal transaction teller slips, & advice notices.


In-house ChIPS no backgroundCheck Production:

ChIPS® (the Checks In House Production System) is MPSI’s latest development. It is a turn key solution consisting of the company’s proprietary check creation software, a laser printer, laptop computer, 10-key pad, specialized toner cartridges, paper stock, and the patented MPM6000 Check Binder. An optional mobile custom workstation is available.  
software1ChIPS® dramatically improves a financial institution’s bottom line profitability, helps them achieve a distinct marketing advantage over their competitors, operates at a fraction of the cost of the competition, is affordable for every branch office, and requires no additional staffing.
ChIPS® empowers existing staff to fulfill a client's retail or commercial check order on the spot . ChIPS® eliminates the delivery delays incurred with off-site check service providers -- and your staff will catch errors before they become complaints.  Other benefits are:
          • A new income stream from what previously was pass-through revenue
          • An improved brand identity for quality service
          • A marketing tool to attract high balance depositors & commercial accounts.


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