jimRJames C. Romig – President
Jim is the inventor of the patented MPM6000 Check Binder, the key component of ChIPS®. From 1985 through 1990 Jim was a sales representative for EG&G in S. California selling high tech positioning and quality measurement systems to the aerospace and machine tool industry. When his wife’s employer, Focus on the Family, relocated to beautiful Colorado the attraction of the beautiful Rocky mountains and their gorgeous trout streams was irresistible so they made the move.
For his education Jim dutifully followed in his father’s Baptist minister footsteps, receiving an undergraduate degree from what is now Summit University in Clark Summit, PA. He moved to S. California for graduate studies, ran short of money and decided give the Amway business a try. There was measurable success, it sustained the family through some tough days and he made a discovery; the entrepreneurial spirit was part of his DNA. After all, grandfather, uncles, brother, and father in law had all built successful enterprises.
In 1991, Jim founded Computer Forms, a sole proprietorship, brokering print services to businesses in Colorado. In April, 2000 he founded MICR Prime Services, Inc. selling the original DOS version of MICR document production software to financial institutions.
Later, he was instrumental in making significant improvements to its functionality, and also transitioned it into a Windows platform product. Eventually, he purchased the source code to ensure ownership of the product as he began to more strategically focus the company’s direction.
Jim lives in Colorado Springs, CO where he is an active member of Village Seven Presbyterian Church. He and his wife Carol (now deceased) raised 2 children who now have successful careers and living in the Dallas and Houston, TX. Contact Jim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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