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Official Checks Commerical Edition  
In 2016 "Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Just Outrageous !
It’s absolutely criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges commercial business accounts.

Sam’s Cheap Checks

You may have been as surprised as I to learn that your new competition in retail banking services is Sam’s Club. They now offer up to 50 percent off regular bank charges — especially personal check charges. Further, they now offer E*TRADEBANK … low fees, 24 hour banking, interest-bearing checking accounts, etc.

Sams-LogoThe purpose of my letter is to make available to you MICR Prime’s ChIPS product which allows you to create low-cost personal checks for all retail bank customers. The cost is so low, you can cut what Sam’s is charging by half.  Our personalized check software is so cost efficient, you’ll still earn good fee income for providing personalized retail — and business — checks to retail customers.

There is little doubt that recent deregulation has expanded banking opportunities in offering insurance and brokerage products. There is equally little doubt that if banks lose their retail customers to non-bank competitors, they lose much of their expanded product advantage.

Competition usually is a double-edged sword. Some marketers are so dedicated to doing things the way they always have, they fall on this weapon of opportunity rather than use it to their advantage.
In addition to personal and business checks, loan coupons and  virtually every other MICR bank document can be produced on the system.
If you seek innovative ways to respond to marketplace challenge, use your competitive sword to clear a path.

When you want profitability along with improved customer service, give us a call at: 1-800-229-0597




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