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Official Checks Commerical Edition  
In 2016 "Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Just Outrageous !
It’s absolutely criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges commercial business accounts.

Upscale Service for Upscale Clients
Immediate, accurate response to a banking need is how most affluent clients define “quality service.”

An Executive Overview
Immediate, accurate response to a banking need is how most affluent clients define “quality service”.  When preferred clients open a new checking account, what is the first thing they need?  Well–they need checks.  But what happens?  Through no fault of yours, they wait– days? a week? two weeks? to get personalized checks delivered.  Blank counter checks do nothing because merchants will not accept them.  It is NOT an “immediate, accurate response” to this most basic of banking needs.  Again, not your fault, just the “Achilles heel” for every non-bank merchant’s delivery system. Simply stated, off-site contractors can not deliver in a timely manner.
The Possibilities
When, on the other hand, you provide personalized checks right away, as soon as the account is opened, some really good things happen.  First off, your credibility goes sky-high!  You have just said — “We’re different.  We really do provide high quality service….without saying a word!”  Next you have added invaluable” customer glue” to a relationship and your brand new customer feels special — very special. (They just do not get this service at their banks.) Lastly, and probably most important, you have begun the single most effective marketing strategy known — a “more-than-happy” customer.
The Reality
Only a handful of banks do on-site permanent check production, but those who do find it to be the single, unique tool that makes it possible to give “relationship banking”, “personal service”, and “value added” to their clients in a tangible way — from day one.
The System
Is it expensive? No, it is about the same as a second hand single pocket proof machine.  Is it time consuming?  No. Does it require a lot of expertise? No, fifteen minutes and a little experience gives all the expertise required.  More staff?  No.
GullWingTIME IS MONEY to CPAS, lawyers, corporate executives, physicians, contractors, and independent business owners.

The MICR Prime System helps banker’s overcome the problems inherent to attracting these highly profitable, clients to their lobbies.  As American private banking guru, Marilyn Barnewall says, “Affluent people hate being nickeled and dimed more than any other group.” … in either time or money.” MICR Prime’s ChIPS package for personalized, permanent checks economically supplies customer glue, higher profits and increased  market share.  It’s a win-win deal.  You win.  Your client wins.

“Banks have tried a lot of things to market effectively to the upscale: from special teller lines to marketing gimmicks to other forms of the red-carpet treatment.  But the most successful programs have found one thing to be unfailingly true: upscale customers have very unique problems and want their bankers to provide solutions.  When you do, they are yours – and so are all of their friends and business associates.” 
     -   Banking for Upscale Marilyn Barnewall (“Dean of Private Banking Knowledge”, Forbes Magazine)

When you want profitability along with improved customer service, give us a call at: 1-800-229-0597


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