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It’s a fashion statement I was NOT prepared to make. First of all, to make it harder to escape they hide all your clothes. Then a cute little nurse announces, “Here’s your gown. You need to put this on.” That did it! My wise guy comedic DNA kicked in -- and deservedly so I think. Those gowns are Ridiculous!DoggyGown

It went something like this: “Oh, yes, right – the gown. Uh, thank you – I think. But, I do have a question. Do you have one that’s a little longer – for tall people, LIKE ME? I’m 6‘ 8” don’t you know. Really, this thing doesn’t cover very much, at least none of the stuff I consider important. Seriously, I have shirts at home that are longer. And, why is the back open? After all, the doctor told me the procedure is going to be through a vein on my wrist.”


Anyway, to cut a long story short, beyond the initial embarrassment of that silly gown, everything went just fine. Thankfully, James, my son, had flown in to help. There was no pain beyond the stick of a needle and I was awake the whole time. Well, actually I dropped off once or twice – started to snore.

But, beyond all the drama, upset schedules – and FEAR – the great and wonderful news is -- they fixed my heart -- no more blockage! It’s now pumping loads of red stuff to all the right places. God bless the genius innovators who discover procedures like this -- amazing.

There are a lot of innovations in banking as well – for just about everyone except check users. You would think these high value clients (bigger deposits, more net worth and less loan risk) would deserve some sort of preferential treatment -- for their check orders at least.

Now, if you want to impress this upscale market segment, there is a really simple innovative system called the check:R. that you and your clients will love. We even guarantee it and you will wonder why no one thought of it years ago.

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