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It’s a fashion statement I was NOT prepared to make. First of all, to make it harder to escape they hide all your clothes. Then a cute little nurse announces, “Here’s your gown. You need to put this on.” That did it! My wise guy comedic DNA kicked in -- and deservedly so I think. Those gowns are Ridiculous!DoggyGown

It went something like this: “Oh, yes, right – the gown. Uh, thank you – I think. But, I do have a question. Do you have one that’s a little longer – for tall people, LIKE ME? I’m 6‘ 8” don’t you know. Really, this thing doesn’t cover very much, at least none of the stuff I consider important. Seriously, I have shirts at home that are longer. And, why is the back open? After all, the doctor told me the procedure is going to be through a vein on my wrist.”


What the heck are “IN YAHS” AND “ON YAHS”? No, it’s not a secret “solve for Y” world peace formula. But, it is a great example of the KISS philosophy and a really neat organizing method --- for your bathroom medicine cabinet! (You giggled didn’SNEEZEt you?) Vitamins, aspirin, antacid, over the counter cold remedies, etc. -- those go IN YOU -- the “IN YAHS” drawer. Hand lotion, talcum powder, bandages, and salve go ON YOU -- the “ON YAHS” shelf. IN YAHS and ON YAHS -- pretty simple KISS stuff.


Here are some interesting takeaways from Blair Jeffery’s article – “Will 2017 Ring In the Death of Paper Checks?”

  • A 2016 SunTrust Bank survey of SMBs (middle market and small business executives) indicates that more than 57% of all their payments are through paper-driven processes and checks.
  • Similar results from the AFP 2016 Electronic Payments Survey shows 51% of B2B payments are still made by check, an increase of 1% compared to 2013 levels.
  • Interesting to note -- less than 2% of all businesses use bank offered bill pay solutions.
  • Javelin Research goes a bit further -- QUALITY CLIENTS are CHECK USERS.

What does that mean for the banker? Putting it simply, there is more money to be made – on at least 3 different fronts. Read more about it! You will be surprised. We guarantee it!MPSI Footer

CHANGE IS PAINFUL – absolutely – so much easier to just bump along – same old, same old. After all, why upset the apple cart? Besides, who wants to suffer the rigors of changing stuff?SWITCH

If change is a challenge where you live, this is a great book on the subject by the Heath Brother’s -- “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard”. We have recommended it to any number of executives. There is even an audio version; listen on the way to work.

The Heaths summarize years of research into a good read that keeps your attention with humor, interesting real world illustrations, and practical strategies. We think you will appreciate it as much as we have and use it as a reference work.

While we are at it, here is a really simple change for you -- the check:r. You increase fee income, eliminate the outsourcing money drain, build your asset ratios, and bring a quality of service with your most important check user clientele that they will easily understand and appreciate. We don’t know why no one thought of this several years ago.

Let us know your thoughts.

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OverTheTopCertainly you’ve heard of Zig Zigler – one of the best known and well-loved motivational speaker/authors of our day. Zig is no longer with us, but his books, recordings, and videos live on. If you’ve never read his Over the Top book you’re missing some really good stuff. There’s no other way to say it – it’s OVER THE TOP in good old common horse sense about… “How to get more of the things money can buy and ALL of the things money can’t buy”. If your objective is a “C average” – don’t bother, forget it; this book is NOT for you. On the other hand, if your desire is to exceed expectations – family, relationships, customers, team spirit – then don’t miss this one. Every one of your staff should read it – you included.

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