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Press Room: (Press Releases & News Articles)
Below is a "sortable" list of Company Press Releases, News Artcles from the Internet, and Internal Articles created by the MICR Team ... Select Category Type below to sort...  Or, enter a text search in the Article Title field to locate a specific release or web article.  Click either Article Title or a Thumbnail Image to view on web or as a PDF...

Article Title
COM_FABRIK_ORDERCategory COM_FABRIK_ORDERArticle Title Article Description Image
Press Releases Kjeldsen Board Announcement MICR Prime Services, Inc. today announced the appointment of Mr. Chris Kjeldsen an internal director Image
Press Releases MICR Prime LLC Formation Announcement MICR Prime Services Inc. today announced that they had formed a new company, MICR Prime LLC Image
Press Releases Kjeldsen Announcement MICR Prime Services, Inc. today announced that it had appointed Christophe M. Kjeldsen as Chief financial Officer of the firm. Image
Press Releases MICR Prime Formation Announcement MICR Prime Services, Inc. today announced that it had successfully incorporated and has
evolved from a forms brokering business into a small corporation.
Press Releases Computer Forms Business Startup It is my pleasure to announce the formation of Computer Forms as a new Colorado Springs’ based business to provide the Financial Industry with forms
used in their day –to-day business operations.
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