Retain the Value of Legacy Products :

Financial institutions (FI) who years ago invested in on-site check production systems from various manufacturers, tell us they like the product and would prefer to keep it operational and local. Case in point is a bank we spoke with recently who was reaching out for help on an unsupported 13-year-old system.

We see the need for reliable sustained support for these legacy systems as an opportunity for MICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI) to showcase our extensive history in web-enabled services, enterprise MICR Document desk top production, and electro-mechanical paper handling design, engineering, and technical support.

Naturally, troubleshooting and updating an older system takes detective work and will carry some expense. That is why we always submit a detailed quote for our Canopy services including an ETA for completion. While reviewing the legacy system, a FI may see the rationale for exploring an economic alternative in an upgrade migration strategy with the MPSI offerings. Again, we stand ready and able to assist.

  NuCanopyLogoCANOPY Overview:

The dictionary definition of  a CANOPY is: “a high cover overarching an open space”. MPSI chose the name CANOPY to define its Managed Support Services Program (MSSP) as the technical “cover” for legacy systems.

CANOPY is the safety net and “Help Desk” support program you need to
your reputation for quality service - uninterrupted.

FIs who depend on their on-site check production systems for quality customer service resent being forced to backtrack to their former check service vendor's (CSV) high priced delivery methods. Even further, reverting to that business model means there is one less reason for these upscale check user clients to visit the lobby - seriously impacting the marketing efforts.

Below is a brief description of CANOPY Services for the US.

The CANOPY MSSP (Managed Support Services Program)

A.     Legacy Check Production System Support

      • Client/Server official check and on-site check production software and hardware.
      • E-mail triage and telephone “Help Desk” support

B.     “Revision Encapsulation” Service (RES)

      • RES assists FIs who want legacy applications to operate on a Virtual Machine (VM) platform
      • Allows legacy Windows XP software to operate in 64x environment
      • Provide advisory service for VM network system integration.

C.     Consumable Supplies and Accessories

      • On-line FI supply order Shopping Cart
      • MPSI bids on consumable MICR toner cartridges and paper stock

D.     On-line Services

      • Secure MPSI Client Support Portal to manage CANOPY e-mail triage.
      • A “Case-management” event log shows FI work completed and open items


The most important consideration when reviewing the CANOPY MSSP solution is to fully understand the long term positive impact of the service, not only for your own peace of mind but also for bottom line net profits.

System -If your organization is anxious to offset the expense of replacing an existing system in such a short time frame, then CANOPY is the ideal strategy for you. You already have a system that works; if you like it – keep it! At the very least, it gives you breathing room to seek alternatives.

Operational - CANOPY makes it easy – no panic drill, no retraining, no reallocation of budgeted resources, no new procedures. You continue with the high level quality service your clients have come to expect uninterrupted.

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