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IN-HOUSE CARIBBEAN CHEQUES is a simple desk top publishing platform that eliminates the expense and delivery delays of out-sourced vendor services. It has a 10-year history of success in the Caribbean as a "referenced product" and was recently modified to conform to the new Caribbean specifications. CARIBBEAN  CHEQUES puts you in control -- pricing, product offerings, profit margins, service quality, and cost.

Electronic payment methods are all the rage. But, in truth the most affluent account holders are CHEQUE USERS -- the up scale high balance and commercial market segments!

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High-dollar cheque user clients appreciate the added value of immediate servicee and they love being pampered. When your brand identity caters to this valuable clientele it means:

• More fee income from quality customers
• Larger loans with less risk
• Bigger deposits and more profit

LOWER COSTS...DualCurrency

CARIBBEAN CHEQUES reclaims the “pass-through” revenue you now pay to out-source cheque service vendors. Cheque services in the US are from 5 to 8 times in house production costs. For the islands it is much higher!   

CARIBBEAN CHEQUES empowers your staff to catch errors before they become complaints. You 1) eliminate any recurrence of the exorbitant rush order charges off-site providers charge to initiate a "fix", and 2) you keep your hard earned reputation for quality service intact.   

You already have 2/3 of what is needed - your existing PC and laser printer. And, existing staff does production, so there is no need for new hires.  It really is just that simple.Businessman


All electronic image processing compliance specifications for the Caribbean are accommodated in the software --  MICR line, “Stamp Duty Paid” logo, and EC or US currency. Personal cheques in single and duplicate format, manual business cheques, business voucher cheques, deposit slips, and official cheques are available. You will also appreciate the full reporting functionality; it helps smooth audit procedures.

CARIBBEAN CHEQUES positively impacts your regulatory agency's asset/loan ratio requirements, often by 100s of thousands! To quickly calculate how much, take your last invoice for cheque services and divide the total by your average loan interest rate. The final figure is the equivalent at risk loan amount it takes to generate sufficient interest income to cover the expense of out-sourced cheque vendor services. CARIBBEAN CHEQUES brings that money back to you.

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