On-Site Check Production, Binding and Finishing


StaplerWith the check:r there is no logical rationale for temporary checks. Just go ahead and fill the order! It is just that simple! The check:r System makes "right-here-right-now" checks a reality that clients (and your bottom line) will appreciate.

The check:r System produces professionally packaged checkbooks in minutes -- with a manual staplerIn addition to the immediate customer service benefit (with REAL checks and more fee income), you have the flexibility to precisely accommodate your depositor’s requirements – singles, duplicates, deposits, order size, and product mix. You take control, catch mistakes before they become complaints, and stop the money drain to off-site check service providers.

Fee Income & Core Deposits:
Does fee income impact core deposits? You bet it does. How much has to come out of core deposits in at risk loans to generate enough interest income to off set the cost (and the luxury) of out-sourced check services? Here is the formula.



By catering to check users – the most profitable market segment - you begin to chip away at the revenue gap from low interest rates and lukewarm loan demand. Watch the Check User Profile video on the MICR Prime home page to see "by the numbers" why check users are such an important market segment.

A bit of number crunching reveals two (2) significant items:

  • The check:r system makes on-site checkbook production highly profitable – up to a 70% margin – depending on your selling price, of course.
  • That means more money is available to loan – as much as $200.00 per checkbook order stays in core deposits.

Another way to look at it -- even a very minimal number of check:r orders is like adding another property to the balance sheet without the loan risk! And there are other benefits – target marketing, compliance, etc. The .pdf tutorial below shows the process – simple, quick, and profitable.

PDFlogolick on this Adobe .pdf icon to see the 
check:r tutorial. It really is quite simple. Just read and follow the instructions step by step. One time through and any staffer will be an expert. No need to hire someone new. 

Demo Kit Request:
If you would like to learn more about the 
check:r solution or would like to receive a demonstration kit, (with MICR Prime's Specialized Patented Bak:R Card, specialized Checkbook Stapler, a sample of Check Stock, and Deposit Slips, and a Vinyl Cover), you will be able to create your own Finished Checkbook in minutes.  Just contact us at sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and a representative will contact you with ordering and delivery information.  Or if you like just use our online contact form here, and will get back to you with a response within 48 hours.

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