ChIPS® Checks In-House Production System (Retired)
The patented ChIPS® Checks In-house Production System (USPTO 7464920) was MPSI's 2005 entry into the on-site on-demand check production market. It was a breakthrough check printing/binding solution producing fully finished check orders in minutes. However, as EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment) technology established itself we saw that with the significant decline in paper check usage the ChIPS® system was no longer a viable product.


While it was a real disappointment not being able to bring ChIPS® to fruition at the same time it caused us to look a bit closer at the individual components of the system. As Jim had stated several years earlier - "Your ability to adapt to changing times is key and critical in today’s financial marketplace.  Innovation is the name of the game."

While the hardware package was now obsolete one component jumped to the forefront, the Bak:R card.



learnMoreChIPS® Video
An introductory video on the ChIPS® Check Production Solution.

learnMoreProfit Calculator
The Profit Calculator will give you an estimate for the amount of revenue and profits that can be realized using a ChIPS® system from a surprisingly small number of check orders per month.

learnMorePro Forma Examples
Small Bank -- This pro forma is for a small Colorado bank, chartered in 1965, $97,300,000 in assets, and 2,872 check orders last year (retail only). ChIPS® reclaims all the revenue on the 745 commercial check orders. With customers ordering once a year the bank captures over $96,000 in what once was “pass through” revenue.

Preliminary Pro Forma Letter SamplelearnMore
Following is a preliminary pro forma letter for a multi-branch client bank in California.

learnMoreCheck Creation Software
ChIPS®’ check creation software is a client server solution implemented using Microsoft’s .NET framework. Data input is simplified with an intuitive on-screen check image user interface. Functionality focuses on providing multi-system support with information resource sharing across a network and is further supported through database integration and a number of data import and export facilities.

Equipment & Accessories
learnMoreCHECK PRINTER The dedicated 4-tray HP* laser printer is integral to the ChIPS® system offering industry standardization and reliability. Slight modifications to the paper trays accommodate all check stock sizes. CHECK BINDER The MPM6000 Check Binder has a 6000 check per hour throughput. Microprocessors automate the binding process and an LCD display prompts the operator through [...]

learnMoreCHECK STOCK Personal and software compatible business voucher check stock is ANSI industry standard and carries the “Padlock” icon signifying a minimum of three (3) embedded security features. Long-grained 24# MICR bond lends a professional “feel” to the finished checks. CheckMaiteTM BACKER CARD The ChIPS® patented Wrap-Around CheckMaiteTM Backer Card covers the staples and finishes [...]

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