ChIPS® Profit Calculator 

Using the ChIPS® Profit Calculator you will be able to quickly estimate the revenue and profits that can be achieved by producing just a small number of check orders per month in your facility using a ChIPS® or check:r System -- versus outsourcing to a third party check service provider. Here are the benefits.
  1. What was once "pass through" revenue now becomes "bottom-line" profits.
  2. Lower expenses means more $$$ stays in core deposits.
  3. Asset ratio compliance requirements are more easily achieved.
To see what is possible enter the estimated number of accounts you have and your selling prices. Production costs are included. This is the underlying formuls used to do the calculations. Results will appear in a summary screen along with the equivalent loan amount it would take to achieve the same profitability in interest income. 
Video Introduction:
For a quick introduction to the ChIPS® Profit Calculator watch the video introduction.
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Profit Calculator:

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