ChIPS® Equipment & Accessories

CHECK PRINTER laser-printer
The dedicated 4-tray HP* laser printer is integral to the ChIPS® system offering industry standardization and reliability. Slight modifications to the paper trays accommodate all check stock sizes.
The MPM6000 Check Binder has a 6000 check per hour throughput. Microprocessors automate the binding process and an LCD display prompts the operator through each step. The electronic staple head uses pre-loaded cartridges and handles bound checkbooks of up to 50 pages.
LABEL MAKER label-maker
The ChIPS® hardware package can include a Brother* QL-500 label maker for addressing check boxes.
COMPUTER computer
ChIPS® is available in two computer configurations: 1.) a desktop computer for a permanent installation or 2.) a compact laptop computer and 10-key pad for transportability to off-site venues such as trade shows, job fairs, college campuses, etc.
ChIPS® market proven Check Creation Software is a Windows* based product using the very latest technology.
     *HP, Brother & Windows—registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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