ParkStateBankLogo“I have been the Manager of Information Systems for two different banks here in Colorado over a span of about eight years. I have personally implemented the MICR Prime Services’ system for both of them and am now doing it for a third.”   
parkstatebank“There is absolutely no question as to the quality of the product that the MICR Prime Services’ system puts out. As a matter of fact, the end product looks better than what we were getting before.
Everytonyone is happy with the MPSI product, wonder how they ever got along without it, and would seriously resist going back to the old way of doing things.  Just have them call me if they want to hear what I think of the system. It’s terrific!”
Tony Perry - President, Park State Bank in Woodland Park, CO


crb“In-house MICR document production has improved customer satisfaction through easily produced, on demand personalized checks. Customer Service Representatives find using this product easy to learn and quick… For a community bank, this personal touch and timeliness sets us apart from larger institutions.” Castle Rock Bank in Castle Rock, CO





BridgeCommunityLogo“Our bank has used MICR Prime’s loan coupons, official checks and check production system since early 1999. It is affordable, cost effective and efficient. I freely recommend the system to other banks.


FirstBridgeComBank, customers love instant personalized checks. Second, there are meaningful audit reports. It (the system) eliminates the dual control issue of preprinted bank drafts.  



Technical support is outsBobSteentanding … though after the product is in place, support becomes a non-issue.It is an easy product to understand and use. Training is now totally handled inexpensively, in-house.”
Robert Steen – CEO of Bridge Community Bank, Mechanicsville, IA







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