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Official Checks Commerical Edition  
In 2016 "Highway Robbery" Still Exists!
It's Just Outrageous !
It’s absolutely criminal  — $140.99 for 250 Business Voucher Checks -- plus shipping! That’s what the “Goliath” check services vendor charges commercial business accounts.
MICR Document Production Software -- Data Entry & Document Screen Shots

DPS2LogoDPS2+ is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art Windows platform software package, specifically tailored for the Banking, S&L, Leasing, and Credit Union markets. Long-standing 15-year clients attest to its stability. Yet it continues to evolve -- electronic image processing, security, networking, etc. Clients most often opt for the bundled package but can select individual modules from the 4-module program to suit their particular requirements for customer service or internal transaction MICR documents.
This Interactive Image Gallery contains screenshots of the intuitive data entry screens and resulting forms. Use your mouse to scroll through the gallery. Left click in the center of any image to see an expanded view and description.

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