PlusBooks Coupons

MICR DPS2+ PlusBooks Coupons

It is the convenient new way to produce loan payment coupon books on the laser printer.  It gives control of quality service -- quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.  Start-up cost is minimal.  Everything is guaranteed, and expenses are cut by at least HALF!  A 36-month coupon book costs only $1.15 rather than the $3.00 to $6.00 from off-site service contractors.

Customers get the coupon book at loan closing before the first payment is due instead of waiting for mail service delivery.

Replacement coupons are quick and easy. Just enter appropriate search data and the number of remaining payments. Print the replacement, and hand the customer their new coupon book. Now that's customer service!

      •     Five Loan Types
      •     Dual Tran Codes (Regular & Last Payment)
      •     Change of Address Form
      •     Amortization
      •     Advertising Coupons
      •     Print in Payment Book or Note Book order
      •     Full security and reporting





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