Internal Transaction Tickets: On-site production of the important accounting documents (cash IN/OUT and GL Debit/Credit slips) results in a more efficient paper trial — and smoother audits are the result.  All descriptive information is legible and hand writing is reduced to a minimum.
      • Savings Deposit/Withdrawal
      • General Ledger Tickets
      • Cash In/Out Tickets
      • Error Correction Notices
      • Stop Payment Notices
      • Transfer of Funds
      • Advice of Charge
Passbook Savings Slips: Personalized deposit/withdrawal slips mean customers make more deposits — it is so much easier than filling in all the blanks by hand.  It means fewer mistakes, legible documents, less rework, and quicker audits.  Besides all this, it costs less!  Traditional check printers charge the bank $5.80 for 50 personalized deposit/withdrawal slips compared to $1.26 with the system.

Club Savings: Financial institutions can easily and inexpensively accommodate any budgeted club savings plan a bank customer may want — Christmas, Auto, Vacation, IRA, CD, Kids, College Tuition, etc. Outside printing costs (from $4.00 to $6.00 for a 12 month book) had forced bankers to stop offering these services.  The new MICR DPS2+ system makes it possible again (only $0.35 for a 12-month book).  The product helps banks market more effectively to targeted groups of customers.A unique variation on the old club account is the new FUND RAISER SAVINGS PLAN for private schools, civic clubs, sports teams, church building projects, band trips, etc.  Club Books makes it easy for groups, large or small, to reach their financial goals.


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