Quick Checks

MICR DPS2+ QuickChecks – is a PC based software program that prints personallized checks and deposit slips -- retail and business sized (single or duplicate) in minutes. Use QuickChecks for traditional temporary and/or emergency replacements -- OR -- take advantage of the new check:R system to turn the expense of give-away solutions into a new fee income generator.

For the financial institution, it means lower costs, quicker service for the customer, and more personal customer contact — which translates to more loan business.  Traditional delivery methods, off-site check service providers who print checks and send them through the mail, keeps the most profitable high-balance upscale and commercial account holders out of the bank.  By contrast, the MICR document production system brings these customers back into the bank.  Even if preferred customers order checks by phone, communication occurs — and communication represents marketing opportunities for the bank.

Standard personal and business check stock includes multiple imbedded security features among them being Border Copy Warning, Copy VOID Pantograph, Micro-printing, Full Solvent Reactive Color Spotting, Multi-language Chemical VOID, Artificial Watermark, and Invisible Starlighttm Fibers – to prevent photocopy forgeries and counterfeiting.

Do you have “freebie” checks: money markets, senior accounts, minimum balance, and home equity line accounts? One bank we know is paying out $50,000 a year for the “freebies”. That is anything but free! The “system” slashes that expense by more than 60%!
    •     “On-the-spot” Customer Service
    •     Emergency replacements in seconds
    •     Single & duplicate formats
    •     Personal & business size
    •     Complete security
    •     Error Free Check orders from day one


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