You already know this -- affluent depositors and commercial accounts, the “Time-Is-Money” crowd, want paper checks, the hard copy paper trail. These clients are often hard to please. But, pamper them with excessive unexpected quality service and watch what happens. They spread the word — and that’s a good thing. It’s called GOOD GOSSIP!
For years, bankers relied on Harland Clarke’s (HC) MICR Quick on-site check production package to fill this quality service niche to the upscale. It made bankers look good. Then HC drops the bombshell—no more support for old reliable MICR Quick! Oops—what to do?
Turns out there are actually 3 strategies:
  • Upgrade to the new MICR Prime check:r system—and better fee income.
  • Subscribe to MICR Prime’s Canopy managed support service for MICR Quick.
  • Cave to HC’s dictates, high prices and USPS delivery delays.  thumbsdown
checkbookThis unsolicited testimonial from a recent convert to the MICR Prime solution tells the story. “We had been looking for a replacement for over a year. This is the best I’ve seen.” (2 months later) “We just started using MICR Prime. I like the program.”

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